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We regard quality as aim and motivation for what we do.

In our view, quality is a promise, a distinction for value and reliability with which we intend to satisfy our customers again and again every day.
Everything we do is based on this. The trust that our customers place in the quality of our products is based, in particular, on reliable knowledge about origin, processing and freshness. At the same time, when selecting our producers and breeders we pay particular attention to sustainable economic management, species-appropriate husbandry, and the careful use of nature as a resource.
We pick each of our suppliers and producers in person on location, because we see it as our duty to deliver exclusively from safe sources with certified producers (HACCP, ISO 9001 and ISO 22000, IFS and BRC).
In addition, our company has been IFS Broker certified since 2016, a standardised process that ensures quality management at trading companies. This way we succeed in guaranteeing maximum product safety for our customers.


Globally evolved partner network.

Our longstanding and proven partnership with outstanding breeders and product suppliers worldwide is the basis of our customers’ trust in us. Added to this is logistics planned to the smallest details, intensive experience with the trade conditions of the various producer countries, and dedicated, highly qualified contact partners in many different languages. In our view, the best perquisites for just-in-time deliveries.

Individual service for our customers.

In addition, we offer a personally tailored product for each one of our customers: Thanks to individual customer support, flexible cuts and packaging, and pronounced product diversity in terms of both fresh and deep-frozen goods, no wishes go unfulfilled.


Excellent: Certification to measure.

Regular certification of what we do generates trust. From us to our suppliers, from you to us. Right in the country of origin, we take painstaking care of our quality standards, not only by working with appropriately certified producers and breeders. During transportation from the producer to Germany too, right up to delivery to the customer, we can assure you of seamless maintenance of the cold chain throughout the value-added chain.

Download certificates:
ASC | Global GAP | IFS Broker | MSC


Passion for quality.

With our fine-tuned instinct for really good meat, we, Tamer Sakik and Rami Awad, directors of Global Meat, are devoted to finding satisfied customers for our meat products. We are the 5th generation of our families to be active in the meat trade, first in country of origin Israel, then in Germany from the mid-1970s, and we can refer to a long tradition in handling meat.

As a logical consequence of this, the starting shot for Global Meat&Co. KG in Münster, Westphalia, was fired in early 2004. Our vision at the time, to build up a successful company, has come true. Today we are a wholesaler and import and export company for fresh and deep-frozen goods, such as beef and veal, lamb, fish and seafood and canned goods.

As die-hard enthusiasts of sophisticated indulgence, we combine our high claim on product quality with our in-depth knowledge of top-class meat, its qualities and specificities in taste. As we do so, we place great value on close contact with breeders worldwide, who share our passion for good meat. Who manage their business sustainably and who are as concerned about conserving nature as a resource as we are ourselves.

Impressive proof that we are doing things right is provided by the now successfully introduced house brands Rico Rancho, Mas Mar, Lareen and Celeste. The mission’s success is clear here: products have been created for fans and enthusiasts of sophisticated indulgence with responsibility, the necessary transparency and, of course, a great deal of commitment, and have found their firm place in trade and gastronomy.


Agile teamwork is the basis of shared success.

Our more than 30 employees and apprentices have one thing as their aim above all: To fulfil our customers’ desires or – even more than that –exceed their expectations. To this end, we encourage and support our employees’ self-initiative and self-responsibility. In agile teamwork in open and trusting dealing with one another, we develop intelligent ideas and solutions, with the aim of continually bringing our customers something out of the ordinary.
A future is thereby built: for our customers just as much as our company employees.

Tamer Sadik
Managing Director


Rami Awad
Managing Director

Carsten Henning
Commercial Manager

Jassin Sadik
Key Account Manager

Sirvan Ogur
Team leader order processing

Maurice H. Castilla
Purchase/Sales Manager Seafood

Tim Diepemaat
Purchase/Sales Seafood

Oliver Dietze
Purchase/Sales Manager Canned food

Anja Hertz
Order Processing

Anne-Kathrin Lülff
Container Processing Seafood

Simone Fritz
Container Processing Seafood

Cornelia Köster
Order Processing

Dhavasman Dharuman
Order Processing

Tizian Wanders
Order Processing

Harald Günther
Order Processing

Marcel Schmitz

Peter Werp


Fabian Göhausen

Anwar Jazar
Manager Superfood / Project Management Seafood

Markus Heflik
Import department/Logistics

Pascal Schütz
Quality Management

Irina Banmann
Quality Management

Renate Heppner-Prange
Employee Accounting

Verena Ortmann

Patryk Bugla

Beate Mählis

Julia Vennemann
Team coordination

Sarah Sadik
Team coordination

Gil Offir
Business Development Israel


Dragos Alecu
Country Manager Rumänien


Camelia Ursuianu
Assistant Manager Rumänien

Razvan Dinu
Key Account Manager Rumänien


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