Chicken fillet Supreme

Chicken fillet sliced 45°

Chicken fillet sliced

Chicken fillet stripes

Chicken minute steak

Boneless chicken thigh with skin

Chicken innerfillet

Chicken innerfillet nuggets

Chicken fillet cutted

Gourmet chicken fillet

„Mediterranean“ rolled chicken fillet

„Bacon“ chicken fillet skewer

„Gourmet“ cutted chicken steak

Mini chicken torches with chili pepper and paprika marinade

„Baroness“ chicken thigh roll

„Garlic butter“ grilled chicken steak

Spinatello chicken roll

Chicken breast formed cuts breaded, cooked

Chicken breast fillets fry steamed

Chicken breast sliced cooked, roasted

Chicken breast stripes fry steamed

Chicken breast chunks fry steamed

Chicken breast chunks breaded, cooked


Chicken leg quarter

Chicken drumstick

Chicken wing without tip

Chicken breast butterfly with skin

Chicken breast butterfly without skin

Half chicken fillet


Turkey schnitzel

Turkey breast stripes

Turkey breast goulash

Turkey thigh meat stripes

Turkey thigh goulash

Turkey breast stripes fry steamd

Whole turkey

Turkey breast butterfly skin on

Turkey breast butterfly skinless

Turkey breast half skin on

Turkey breast half skinless

Turkey medallions

Turkey wings skin on, bone in

Turkey wings skin on, boneless

Turkey wings skinless, boneless

Turkey wing tip

Turkey thigh skin on, bone in

Turkey thigh skin on, boneless

Turkey thigh skinless, boneless

Turkey drumstick

Turkey leg meat BI quality/strong>

Turkey necks

Turkey hearts

Turkey liver

Turkey gizzard


Half Peking-Duck roasted, deboned

Peking-Duck breast skin on

Barbary duck breast skin on

Barbary duck leg skin on

Beef and veal

Beef ribeye

Beef striploin

Beef tenderloin

Beef flank steak

Beef rump centre cut

Beef knuckle

Beef silverside flat

Beef topside

Beef eyeround

Beef rump cap

Diced beef

Beef fillet stripes

Beef roastbeef steaks

Beef tournedos

Minced beef

Beef stripes cooked

Lamb and sheep

Lamb rack

Lamb eye of loin

Lamb saddle

Lamb shoulder boneless, in net

Lamb hind shank with bone

Lamb tenderloin headless

Lamb chumps

Lamb Saratoga racks

Lamb sattle-chops

Mutton fillets

Mutton loin

Fish and seafood

Shrimp and crustaceans

Black Tiger shrimps HOSO

Black Tiger shrimps HLSO

Black Tiger shrimps PD

Vannamei shrimps HLSO

Vannamei shrimps PD

Cooked Vannamei shrimps

Party shrimps PD-tail on, CPTO

Shrimp skeewers

Breaded shrimps

Freshwater shrimps HLSO

Argentina redshrimps HOSO

Argentina redshrimps HLSO

Argentina redshrimps PD

Coldwater shrimps



Crayfish meat

Muslitos – breaded crablegs

Molluscs and mussels

Squid tubes

Squid rings

Whole squid, cleaned

Calamar whole



Octopus tentacles

Gigas slices

Frutti di Mare without Surimi

Frutti di Mare with Surimi

Surimi sticks

Scallops meat without roe

Blue mussel

Blue mussel meat

Venus mussel

Venus mussel meat

Whole fish and fish fillets

Sea bass


Dover sole „NorthSea“




Sea bass



Red snapper


Red mullet



Alaska Pollock




Tropical sole

Blue shark


Canned goods

Tuna chunks in oil/water

Anchovies in oil

Artichoke hearts

Artichoke quarters

Green olives without stone

Black olives with stone

Black olives without stone

Whole Lombardi peppers

Lombardi pepper rings

Nacho sliced jalapenos

Hot peppers

Supersweet sweetcorn

Peppers in stripes red

Peppers in stripes multi-coloured

Kidney beans

White giantbeans

Capers Fines

Peeled tomatoes

Chopped tomatoes

Pizza sauce

Pineapple pieces


Pulled beef

Pulled BBQ chicken

Pulled duck

Pulled salmon


Angus burger

Prime beef burger

Beef carpaccio

Veal carpaccio

Salmon carpaccio

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