Premium Canned Goods for Trade and Gastronomy


Premium quality in cans.

As a supplement to our meat and seafood ranges, Global Meat offers our customers premium canned goods under the label Celeste. The high quality claim that we at Global Meat aspire to when developing our brands applies here as well: Freshness, refinement and sustainability, along with careful processing and transportation, are the highest priority right from when we choose our producers and their products.

We send our buyers out in order to discover such operations: southern Europe, Asia or South America, for example. From Italy, tomatoes with the stunningly rich flavour of sun-ripened fruits grown in the open air. In Asia, we buy pineapples of the highest quality. South America is home to some of our tuna suppliers who guarantee juicy and aromatic produce.

All products from our full assortment contain select high-quality, region-specific foodstuffs that have been chosen carefully and with plenty of expertise.


We make sure it works.

We put everything into dispatching your delivery reliably and as quickly as possible, and exactly according to your needs. If any questions should come up, you will always find us to be a competent contact partner for solving every single problem.
We want to meet our customers’ expectations to their fullest satisfaction at all times.

Safety first: that is all that matters to us when handling foodstuffs.

As an importer of foodstuffs, we are always conscious of our great responsibility in reference to food safety. Our daily work is based on the latest rules and regulations that concern the harmlessness of our products. We work exclusively with long-term, trustworthy and certified suppliers, in order to guarantee a seamless and safe production chain.

We view this as an indispensable commitment towards our customers, which needs to be fulfilled again and again every day.

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