Discover our new Fairera products – sustainable, natural and diverse

Quality is our warrant, an award for high quality, reliability a characteristic we want to ensure to our customers. Our whole foundation is built on it. Our customers put faith in the quality of our products which relies on the knowledge about the country of origin, production and freshness. That is why it is important to Global Meat that we carefully choose our producers and farmers, to consider sustainability and careful management with natural resources. Each supplier and producer is assessed by us carefully. Thus we guarantee a high degree of production to our customers.


Our textured soy protein absorbs natural flavors during cooking or frying. It is available in two different shapes and types. We call the shapes chopped or stripes. We have the varieties as oriental, shawarma, gyros and beef seasoning mixes. general description: Whole-fledged, partially defatted, soy texture, made from thermally treated, genetically unmodified soybeans (NON-GMO). Our detection method is a qualitative PCR test, with a limit value of <0.1%. The full traceability to the farmer as well as the NON-GMO status have been checked and confirmed. SOJA offers natural products that may be subject to variations due to the harvest. By selecting the raw materials, these fluctuations are kept as low as possible. Due to the purely mechanical manufacturing process, the product is free of chemical additives.


Especially as a meat-substitute and the great protein contents, making them to high quality goods. Their smooth- nutty taste makes them especially suitable for salads, soups, stews, and wraps. A lot of different oriental cultures such as arabic, turkish, or even spanish build their specialties of their cuisine on Chickpeas, so its unimaginable to leave them out of your daily cooking routine. Worth mentioning is the high protein content and that chickpeas are made up of numerous important minerals and fibers. Our products are precooked and can be consumed after a short time of cooking or some of them directly.

Pea Protein

What the pea as a basic in meat format is able to offer, seems more than astonishing. The pea has not only a high content of proteins, but it also contains many nutrients for the support of a balanced diet. The finished pea protein gives a consistency and fibre structure which is easily comparableto meat products.

The best thing about it: the product doesn´t need any chemical additives. With the assistance of mechanical extraction methods, the pea protein has been extracted from the pea and concentrated. Therefore, pea protein is more than ideal to use as a meat substitute. Additionally the pea protein gives a pleasant taste with an elegant bitter note.